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Who Is Gio?

Giovanna - 29, Swedish/English UGC creator based in Stockholm. Sweden. ​Curious, humble, energetic, caring and a strong believer that you can be, do ​and have anythting you want, regardless of your background.

I’m passionated in Social media marketing, the equestrian sport, cars and ​traveling.

Trusted by 80 brands
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Back in the early summer of 2022 when I got terminated from my job as a Social ​Media Manager & Content specialist I saw the upcoming opportunities of User ​Generated Content (UGC) and decided to become an expert in the bransch on ​my own. Since then I’ve had a fast and very successful journey with big brands ​as customers where I’ve helped giving them great ROI:s from my content.

Since May 2023, I've successfully coached others in their UGC careers with help ​and knowledge from previous experience in leadership roles in sales. My goal is ​to coach, guide, and educate others in a comprehensive solution to provide ​them with the best opportunities as UGC creators.

I also host the podcast BAKOM SKÄRMEN together with my friend and you ​can book me as a model or video host with many years experience.

I see myself as never fully learned which helps me and to always have the ​curiosity to learn new things within the branch. I value our communication and ​my authenticity to the product and believe it's one important key to make ​magic happen as a client of mine.

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4 yrs of direct selling on ​100% commission

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Great ROI:s from previous ​UGC clients

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Knowledge of SoMe ​consumers behavior & ​digital marketing

Trusted by 80+ brands

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What They Said :


Emma Hägglund, CEO

"We are extremely satisfied with ​Giovanna's delivery of UGC, ​both in terms of quality and her ​incredibly professional ​approach. It has been and ​continues to be a pleasure ​working with Giovanna. We ​HIGHLY recommend her!"


Ida, SoMe &

Content Manager

“We’re very happy with the content ​Giovanna has created for us. She is ​incredibly professional, easy to work ​with and always makes sure the ​customer is satisfied. It’s high quality ​and there is care behind the material ​she creates. We look forward to ​continuing our collaboration with ​Giovanna in the future!”



Account Manager

“Giovanna is amazing to work with! ​Not only is she just kind, she is ​also super quick and responsive to ​feedback, she has an incredibly ​creative mind of her own - often ​helping make our original ideas ​even more suitable/funny or ​relatable. I hope to have her on ​more of my projects!”

Glow of Sweden

Daniela, Co-founder

"Giovanna has been incredibly ​professional and delivered with ​her own initiatives, which is ​highly appreciated!"


Din Radetinac, Co-founder

"Giovanna's UGC videos created ​for Coltello have outperformed ​all previous advertisements and ​are performing exceptionally ​well. This is incredibly exciting!!"


  • UGC
  • Brand/product content
  • Social media content
  • interwies
  • “shadowing”
  • Video, Images
  • Paid ads / Organic
  • Sparkads / Whitelistning
  • Bundles, A/B-testers
  • Monthly subscription of ​content
  • Interviews
  • Scriptreads for videos
  • Commercial


  • E-commerce
  • Videos & images
  • Campaign
  • Commercial
  • “Statist”
  • Fitting (Stockholm)
  • Scriptreads for videos
  • Commercial


  • E-Guides
  • UGC program & ​Community
  • Coachning for brands

My Services

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“Marketing is about the stories we tell...

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Content Creator | UGC specialist & coach | Model


Mail: g.piccoliori@gmail.com

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